Offer for First Time Buyer

Fill out the form to receive 10% off of the agreed recovery rate when you purchase 3 or more orders for first time buyers only.

Our Associates Asset Recovery agents provide fast, affordable and effective collateral recovery and tracing services for a variety of clients. Special offers are available through Associates Asset Recovery to new clients seeking to recover property. Associates Asset Recovery will help you locate and recovery many different types of collateral, including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, construction equipment and more.

New clients seeking to recover a number of collateral items at once can receive 10 percent off asset recovery services through Associates Asset Recovery. If you have three or more repossessions pending, including commercial or recreational vehicles, equipment, boats, and other items, Associates Asset Recovery will trace and recover the items quickly and safely. With offices across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, Associates Asset Recovery agents can trace and recovery property even at great distances.

Learn more about Associates Asset Recovery auto recovery business and services for title loan companies, banks, financial institutions and others. Call us 800-488-6869 and ask about special offers for new clients.