Georgia Towing

Title State:

All vehicles driven or moved upon the highways must be titled. Mobile homes older than 1962 must be titled. Boats and aircraft are not required to be titled.

Recovery Requirements:

Self-help repossession permitted as long as there is no breach of peace.

Deficiency Balance:



Any time before the disposition of the collateral, a debtor may have a right to redeem the collateral by tendering full payment of the obligation owed and all reasonable expenses incurred by the creditor. (Section 11-9-506.)

Title Information:

Information regarding the repossession title process in this state can be obtained by contacting or writing: Department of Driver Services, Post Office Box 80447, Conyers, Georgia 30013, Phone (678) 413-8400 or (678) 413-8500 or (678) 413-8600, or contact or write the Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicles Division, 4125 Welcome All Road, Atlanta, GA 30349, Phone (855) 406-5221

Licensing Requirements:



Remain with the vehicle.

Security Interests:

Shown on the title. Title mailed to/held by Lienholder.

Prior Notice or Special Provisions:

Reasonable notice of the time and place of a vehicle sale is generally required to be given to other secured creditors and the debtor. (Section 11-9-504.)